About us

Who are we

We are Kanika , Monika and Dipanshu  designers and makers and the founders of KMD Design .

After graduating in Fashion & Accessory Design, we worked in different sectors of the industry in India until we pursued our idea of creating a business, blending our joint range of expertise. This is how KMD Design was born in 2022.

With 10 years of experience in the field, we each have developed different strengths and skillsets and, as a team, we can offer a vast range of services under one roof, from design consultancy to product development and from prototyping to material sourcing and manufacturing.

Today, KMD Design  assists national and international customers, from startups to established brands and has been helping to form the latest generation of designers and makers through a wide range of learning opportunities.

The Founders 
Kanika ,Monika & Dipanshu


We are a small, highly specialised, skilled and passionate team of 15 people with extensive experience in the designing, prototyping and manufacturing of fashion  accessories.

But experience and knowledge are not our only resources: over the years, we have built a great family of specialists in the accessory and leather goods industry that complement our in-house services. In fact our team can handle orders from as small as 5 units up to larger orders of up to 5000 units.

Our team of highly skilled collaborators (machinists, pattern cutters, artisans, prototype makers) help us to deliver each project to the highest standards and punctuality, even in the busiest times.


We love what we do and we believe in providing personal, transparent and uncompromising quality of service without exception.

We are a small team that works in realistic human timeframes and pays fair wages to all employees and collaborators.

We take great pride in our craftsmanship, which is based on attention to detail, the use of traditional and innovative methods combined with a problem-solving and can-do approach.

We always build close and personal working relationships with our clients and are always happy to go the extra mile to help them in their projects.

We in fact  think of our working relationships with customers like collaborations and this is why we always include customers in the process by  making it very clear what is involved at every stage of the process and what choices they have.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our business is carried out in the most sustainable way possible and we are transparent about every step we take to achieve this.

We are extremely passionate about supporting the growth of sustainable and eco-conscious businesses that share our ethos: appreciation of artisanship and respect for the environment.

We support our customers in making material choices and choosing production processes that are sustainable because we believe that we can make our industry better through the smallest choice.